Nathan zoekt een Appartement / Kamer in Enschede

Nathan zoekt: Een Appartement / Kamer in Enschede

  • Appartement / Kamer
  • Min. 10 m2
  • Man
  • 18 Per direct

Hello, my name is Nathan and I’m a 19 year old incoming Saxon physiotherapy student from Dubai UAE, originally from India but I was born and brought up in Dubai. I'm fluent in English and doing my best to learn some dutch at the moment and should be getting the hang of it soon. I love doing a lot physical activities and among the top is football, cycling and gymming but I know how to play a ton of other sports. I'm an early bird and often wake up early to go play football or work out with my friends. I'm also a really social person and get along well with people and I love the opportunities to make new friends.
Ive grown up in a strict household and as a result I'm very neat and tidy and like to keep my personal space as clean as I can so you can rest easy knowing I will always do my fair share of the household chores. I'm also extremely open and honestly looking forward to having dinners together every evening or as often as they happen in the household to bond with the other roommates.
To summarize I would say that I’m easy going and a quick learner I'm open to drinking and hanging out and partying and I’m really looking forward to my stay and learning the language and culture and more importantly meeting new people and I hope you find me acceptable as a roommate.

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