Cristian  zoekt een Appartement / Huurwoning / Studio / Kamer in Enschede

Cristian zoekt: Een Appartement / Huurwoning / Studio / Kamer in Enschede

  • Appartement / Huurwoning / Studio / Kamer
  • Min. 6 m2
  • Man
  • 15 Per direct

I am a calm composed engaging person,i enjoy communicating and knowing people better,I am an upcoming Computer Science student at Saxion.Casual video game player,happy 19-y old.Well for a start i can introduce myself. My name is Cristian.Im an international so naturally i dont know any dutch.Im 19 and have lived before in a shared space however only for 3 months in summertime,my previous flatmates would say that i was an agreeable person however that might be the case only because i had a relative in the same dorm but i may never know.Im a very vollatile person meaning that im down for whatever as long as i have the energy and time for it from group reading to binge drinking you name it.Im a great listener and a mediocre friend.As for funds i do not work at the moment as im in a transitional period but i do have the savings for sustainability for as long as 2 years but i do plan to find work as soon as possible.I do enjoy a lot of topics from sci-fi themed media to intelectual thesises mainly about the ideology and behaiviour of man.Although i would like to consider myself a wellrounded individual i do think i lack a bit in regards to my communication and interpersonal skills and thats due to the current pandemic and the isolation i had to go through basically a year or so. As for living skills i can pretty much cook ,clean ,do a little bit of maintanance. Contrary to popular belief i am a young guy and i do keep things clean my only weakness regarding my household reputation is that i might forget taking out the trash even if you remind me about it 5 minutes before leaving.But i do believe i am able to change as i continue to mature .I have never caused any noise complaints to any neighbours or fellow roommates.You may think that im incompeted mainly because its the middle of august,the housing market at least in Enschede is on the brink of colapse from all the shortage of housing and i only now search for a place to stay.The reality is that life as funny as it sounds ,has its own ways ,my admission to the Netherlands was a last minute thing,i applied here in the same day that i got rejected from all my 8 applications elsewhere and i have been struggling with housing acommodation ever since wasting money on the devious subscription based housing retail sites with no succes, until i contacted a friend who had studied in the region long a go and he directed me to the facebook groups,so here i am,im sincerely sorry for the long introduction,im fresh of school and the essay lengh writing mentality hasnt worn off yet.Hope to hear from you soon

Algemene informatie: Cristian
  Man, 21 jaar
Type huurder: Student
  1e jaars Applied Computer Science (UNIVERSITEIT)